4 Web Design Mistakes Avoided by Frisco Web Design
November 23, 2012 Mike McLeland

4 Web Design Mistakes Avoided by Frisco Web Design

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Mike McLeland - Owner of North Texas Web DesignHello, my name is Mike McLeland and I’m the owner and principle web designer at Frisco Web Design – part of North Texas Web Design.  We are a professional web design firm specializing in custom website designs at affordable pricing.

Creating a good website for your small business is much more involved than using a website builder often advertised on television.  Television commercials make it sound so easy, that you can create a new website in a matter of minutes and “be on the web”.  While you may have a website that is “on the web”, chances are that nobody will ever find it unless you tell them your domain name!Your small businesses need to be visible in consumer and business online searches, even if you don’t sell anything – but it’s much more difficult than just purchasing a domain name and a logo and using some 5 minute web builder.  If your website isn’t appealing or if it functions poorly, it can actually cause your more harm than good.

Small businesses looking to have a good website and avoid these type problems make the most of their website by avoiding four common mistakes.  See also 7 Things Your New Website Must Have.

1.      Avoid Complicated Web Designs

One of the most important elements of a good website is how fast the pages load.  A website that loads slowly annoys visitors, who once they leave, will likely never return. Choose design elements that enhance your website rather than annoying visitors.  Sometimes, less is better!

2.      Too Much Content can be as bad as Too Little Content

Research shows you have less than three seconds to communicate your message to visitors before they decision to stay on your website or move on.   Your website should make it very clear what your product is or what you specialize in.  If this is not crystal clear, visitors will leave your website “quicker than a speeding bullet”!  Your website must be attractive, with easy to understand and follow navigation, and clearly communicate who you are!

3.      Don’t Look Like your Competitors

Copying someone else’s website design is not a good way to build your brand.  This is one of the big problems with web builder software advertised on television.  Your website needs to stand out from your competition, not look just like everybody else’s.

4.      Build and Wait is TERRIBLE!

Getting traffic to your site is not easy.  The movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, was based on the premise “build it and they will come”.  This made for an interesting movie, but this absolutely does not work in the world of web design.

Frisco Web Design believes every client who wants to derive business from their website must employ some form of Search Engine Optimization as well as attract clients using Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and hosted WordPress BLOGS.  You can also promote your website by sending emails and emails using tools such as Constant Contact.

Frisco Web Design is proud of the customer base we’ve built over the past 5+ years and promises to continue to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Whether you don’t have a website, or your existing website is in need of a major redo, please consider contacting Frisco Web Design.