5 Proven Ways to Build a Website Customers Will Love

5 Proven Ways to Build a Website Customers Will Love
December 3, 2016 Mike McLeland

5 Proven Ways to Build a Website Customers Will Love

5 Proven Ways to Build a Website Customers Will LoveThese days, everyone is online.  Companies (retail stores, businesses, etc.) are no different.  But because so many companies have jumped on the internet bandwagon, you need to work extra hard to attract customers, keep them there and entice them to buy.  Don’t just plaster information all over your webpage.  Here are 5 proven ways to build a website that your customers are going to love.

Prioritize Information

While there is plenty of information and pages that you want your customers to see, this information isn’t necessarily what they NEED to see.  Think about things from the customer’s standpoint.  A common example uses a restaurant.  How likely are your customers going to be to call and make a reservation if all of that information is all the way down at the bottom of the page (or not on the page at all)?  Customers will scroll, but your site will be more effective if you keep the most important information at the top and then work your way down.

Big, Bold Headlines

Studies have shown that the most viewed items on a website are the headlines, even over any pictures.  Your customers want to know what you’re about and what you have to offer.  Make sure your headlines are big and concise, and give your customer just what they want.

Embrace White Space

White space is a crucial factor to keeping your customers on your site and reading what you have to say.  When you start piling text together without giving the eyes a break, customers will give up and search for another site to get what they need.  Anywhere you use a lot of text, make sure you give the eyes a break, allowing your customers to really absorb all of the information you have to offer them.

Consider Your Colors

While no one color is the best color to use, the colors you do use are important.  The color that stands out the most is the one that is going to attract the most attention.  You can use different colors to create a hierarchy, using certain colors as accents to attract attention or draw your customers to click where they need to go, acting as a guide through your site.

Give Closure

When your customers have finished their transaction, give them some kind of closure.  Don’t leave them wondering if the sale went through.  Make it completely clear that their order has been placed, and give a transaction number.  This gives a sense of completion, and your customers will feel confident that you have received their order and are working to fulfill it.

With all kinds of companies being available online these days, standing out has never been more important.  Give your customers exactly what they want, and you’ll be sure to stand out above your competition and keep your customers coming back for more.

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