5 Reasons Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance
August 25, 2015 Mike McLeland

5 Reasons Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance

Many people think just getting their website up and running is enough to warrant business success. In fact, your website needs regular maintenance and here are five reasons why:

1) Regular Backups

5 Reasons Your Website Needs Regular MaintenanceYour website is dynamic and much the same as your body constantly grows with age, challenges and exercise, your website should grow with new internet based protocols, SEO requirements, and business demands. That being said, it is imperative that your website is backed up regularly so that in the event of a disaster your information is not lost. If you keep a regular backup, you can restore your site in the event of disaster and bring everything back online at a moment’s notice.

2) Regular Updates

Where ever your website is being hosted, make no mistake that you require regular updates. Updates are created to help you thwart off new security threats and to counter relevant threats. They are also designed to ensure your website is powerful and protected from harm. Make sure you keep it that way by regularly updating your site.

3) Regular Plugin Updates

If you want your website to perform to the best of its capacity, you want to ensure all of your third party plugins are updated regularly. These tools help your website to do the job it is supposed to do. But you also want to make sure that you protect your site and your plugins from security vulnerabilities.

4) Regular System Scans

You want to not only make sure that your website is backed up and all updates installed on a regular basis, but you want to perform regular system scans. System scans are where you run through your website to make sure that everything is functioning as it ought to. It is better that you find an issue you want to take care of immediately, rather than letting that issue go unnoticed where it will only fester.

5) Regular Security Scans

Never assume that once you have security measures put into place, that they will remain effective if left to their own devices. It is incumbent upon you to make sure that you check over your security systems regularly and scan each area of website security for any vulnerabilities or points of infiltration. The same with system scans, the sooner you catch an issue, the better off your company and your customers will be.

Staying up to date online not only keeps you modern and high-performing, but also improves your image as a business, to impress new customers and increase trust.