8 Essentials to Designing Online Stores
November 4, 2015 Mike McLeland

8 Essentials to Designing Online Stores

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8 Essentials to Designing Online Stores

Scores of people new to online business think that getting traffic to your website is all there is to getting conversions. Soon, they discover this is far from reality. Here are 8 things you can do to make sure a good percentage of your website visitors buy the products you are selling.

8 Essentials to Designing Online StoresCreate a clean and simple design
The idea of the design should simply be to support the product on display. Make it easy for the potential buyers to navigate the online store.
Make sure your business logo is clearly visible
Leave an impression on everyone who visits your online store with your business logo. This way, your brand will be in their subconscious even when they don’t buy your product the first time they visit your website.

Use visually appealing product images
Your online store is not a physical shop where potential buyers can straightforwardly see your products. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure they see the best representation of the product you are selling. Use real product images to give your buyers a clear depiction of what they are buying.

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Include the price of the product on display
Don’t shy away from displaying the price of your products. Whether it is cheap or expensive, you must show the price of the product clearly, lest you give the visitor yet another reason to prefer another online store.

Use bullet points to indicate the product usefulness
Few people ever read a full product description. To disseminate information about the product fast and efficiently, include bullet points people can scan through. This will assist them make their purchasing decision faster.

Don’t forget your mobile visitors
Making your online shop mobile friendly has never been more important. Over 50% of all internet users access the internet on mobile. You will lose a great deal if your website is not friendly to consumers accessing it on mobile.

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Include a product video
A video can help a potential buyer get a little more understanding on how to use your product, or an encouragement to buy from those who have already bought the product.

Use an effective call to action
Your call to action (CTA) should be relevant, clear and prominent on the online store at all times. Remind people what you want them to do. For instance, including ‘Buy Now’ icons in your online store can increase sales. Contact North Texas Web Design and let the company create for you an online store design that does all these and more.