Carrollton eCommerce Web Solutions
January 20, 2012 Mike McLeland

Carrollton eCommerce Web Solutions

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eCommerce websites are typically very different from other website designs.   They have but one objective – to get someone to make an online purchase.  Carrollton Web Design, a dba of North Texas Web Design, takes into consideration a number of principles when building an eCommerce website.

First, why are eCommerce websites different?  Don’t they still require simple and intuitive navigation?  Don’t they need to take into considerations good color combinations, just like any other website?  Don’t they also need to attractive – like any other website?

Sure they do!  Listed below are some critical elements Carrollton Web Design always considers when building any eCommerce website.

  • An eCommerce website should provide visitors with a pleasant experience during online shopping.
  • An eCommerce website should offer a clear and obvious Call To Action for all visitors.
  • An eCommerce website should be easy to use and provide easy to understand product information.
  • An eCommerce website should provide sufficient information about who owns the website and why they can be trusted.
  • An eCommerce website should provide shoppers a clear sense of Trust and Security when processing online credit card or PayPal payments

No – these principles are not new. 

Yes – they’re more important than ever!

A good eCommerce website will lead the shopper to the correct page in one or two clicks at the most.

An effective eCommerce website is also all about the layout. One important aspect is where the shopper’s eyes go to first.  Most web research indicates the upper left portion of the web page is the most important, followed by the top/middle portion of the page.  By understanding how people look at a web page, your website effectively draws the shopper to the most important part of the web page.  An experienced web designer, like Carrollton Web Design, knows how to create an effective eCommerce design following these simple principles.

Lastly, most eCommerce websites have some sort of “store”.  At Carrollton Web Design, we typically use one of three “third party” shopping cart applications.  These shopping cart applications are licensed for use on a specific website for the life of the site.  There are no monthly or annual charges associated with using “third party” shopping carts, which over a long period of time can save the website owner lots of money.

If you’re looking to launch a new eCommerce website, or if you’re old eCommerce website is outdated and in need of a “new coat of paint”, please consider Carrollton Web Design.