Custom Web Designs in North Texas
August 14, 2012 Mike McLeland

Custom Web Designs in North Texas

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Mike McLeland - Owner of North Texas Web DesignHello! My name is Mike McLeland.  I’m the owner and principle web designer at North Texas Web Design.  North Texas Web Design specializes in custom web designs throughout the greater Dallas, Fort Worth metropolitan area.

North Texas Web Design takes a great deal of pride in striving to stay current with the latest W3C standards.  Every new website we create is fully optimized for the web.  However, this is not enough anymore.  Successful websites employ one or more of the following:

  • Routinely update the text on their websites to keep their website current.
  • Routinely evaluate their web analytics to see which keyword phrases are working well and which ones are not working at all.  Armed with this information, appropriate changes are made.
  • Post articles to their own BLOG weekly as well as Facebook and/or Twitter (a website owner who does not do this is at a HUGE disadvantage to all those sites who do employ this strategy).
    • Don’t think of articles as a BLOG posting, rather, think of them as promotional advertising for your website.
  • At least monthly (probably with the help of a SEO firm) posts one-way links to appropriate websites and BLOGS.
  • Working with a reputable SEO firm, employ a strategy the focus is on different keywords, either across a large geographic area, or in the case of a local business, focus on keywords specific to radius of 5-25 miles from a business.

There are many more tactics used for successful SEO … the ones above represent just a few of the more important tactics we can discuss with you.

Regarding Search Engine Optimization, there are unfortunately lots of deceptive SEO companies.  These same firms charge unreasonable amounts. We’ve heard from too many clients who simply abandoned these firms for failure to deliver what was promised.

North Texas Web Design uses current accepted SEO practices at very reasonable prices … typically far below those firms that promise things they can’t ever deliver.

In summary, website owners who want successful websites need to:

  • Take responsibility for their website on a regular basis.
  • Employ some form of sustained SEO program, AdWords or both.
  • Establish a relationship with a web design firm that can assist them in meeting their expectations.

If your website is not producing the results you want, please contact North Texas Web Design.  We promise to be fair, present you with straightforward answers to your questions, and promise to work closely with you to elevate your website on the Internet.