Frequently Asked Questions

The following Questions & Answers represent typical Frequently Asked Questions we might hear from prospective clients. If you have other questions not mentioned above, please just call us and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.


  • Should I sign up for hosting when I register my Domain Name?

    No. Many times clients will register their domain name and take an inexpensive hosting plan as part of the package, only to find when the time comes to load their site it will not work because they didn’t purchase an appropriate plan. In addition, if you are going to use on-line forms or self-administering applications, some host providers are better than others. As your web designer can help you understand the pros and cons of various hosting plans.

  • Will you register a domain name for me?

    Unfortunately, we don’t register domain names with Registrar’s as you must pay with a credit card, which is something you want to retain as private information. With this noted, we will certainly assist you in any way we can.

  • What does it cost to register a Domain Name?

    There doesn’t appear to be standard prices associated with Domain Name registration. What we do know is that the longer you register your site (3 to 5 years), the less expensive Domain Registration becomes. It’s not uncommon to register a site for 5 years for less than $75.

General & Miscellaneous

  • Can you assist in setting up Email?
    • Yes, we can assist in setting up your email.
    • We even provide Email Hosting, if we host your server.
  • Are there monthly or ongoing charges?

    There are NO Hidden charges.  Your custom website includes the initial design and placement on the server of your choice.  Training, as appropriate, is also included at NO additional charge.

Web Design

  • Do you have access to a commercial graphic design artist, if I need one?

    Yes, we have access to several highly gifted graphic design artists in the greater DFW area

  • How much input do I have in the ultimate design of my website?

    That is really up to you. Some clients want total control, even providing an illustration of the layout and color scheme they want. Others leave it totally up to the designer.  During our initial meeting, we try to do is find out as much about your business as we can, including your preferences in terms of look and feel. We typically will provide you with a couple of 1-2 page demo layouts to help you decide the look that you want. Once you’ve approved a general direction, we will continue to seek your input. Our ultimate desire is for you to be completely satisfied with your site.

  • Do I own the artwork on my site?
    • If you provide graphics, pictures or other artwork for your site, then you or whomever owns the original copyright to these graphics retains ownership.
    • We will NOT use your pictures on any other website we create.
    • Any artwork, graphics or illustrations we provide will almost be Royalty Free.
    • To further explain, as part of our business model, we have a paid subscription with one of several Internet Royalty Free Photo Subscription services. While the subscription we’ve paid for allows us to use said graphics on our sites, we do not own the copyright to any graphics, pictures or illustrations. These remain with the subscription service and/or the original artist.
  • Who owns the source code for my website?

    While not all web design companies follow our practice, we believe the person/business who paid for the website owns this code as your intellectual property.

    We will gladly make you a copy of the source code any time you ask.

Web Hosting

  • Will you host my website?
    • We’re delighted to offer premium windows hosting plans.
    • Our dedicated servers are located in hardened data centers managed by HiVelocity
    • We offer very competitive pricing for all our hosting plans
  • Can I choose where my website is hosted?

    The short answer is YES.  Website “hosting” is very different from “website design”. As noted elsewhere on this site, we do provide “hosting”, but hosting with us is never a requirement for us to build your website. We can also make several very good recommendations, if requested, but in the end, the decision on where to host is yours.

Web Maintenance

  • How often should I make changes to my website?

    It seems every year the rules regarding websites change. Websites that never have any changes will NOT do well with Google and the other Search Engines.

    Google wants to see “fresh text” on a regular basis.

    Call us and we can discuss in more detail.

  • Will you maintain my website?

    Of course! We offer several very affordable pricing options for ongoing website maintenance … just give us a call so we can talk.

  • Can I make changes to my website?

    Of course, assuming you have the expertise. Unfortunately, we’re not responsible for any changes you may make that over-rights code we developed.