Welcome to North Texas Web Design
January 19, 2012 Mike McLeland

Welcome to North Texas Web Design

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Website Design Guidelines

Plano Webdesign, a dba of North Texas Web Design, offers custom, professional web design services throughout Collin County, to include Plano, Allen, Frisco and McKinney.  We are proud of our work and work hard to stay abreast of the latest design techniques and guidelines

The goal of most web designers is to create an attractive, easily accessible and functional website that visitors will find appealing.  Creating such a website requires good graphic design as well as easy and intuitive website navigation.  The following are general web design guidelines Plano Webdesign attempts to adhere to:

Web Content

The goal of every effective website should be for visitors to see your website as a knowledgeable and/or reputable business.  The use of poor grammar or misspelled words will immediately reduce your creditability.  Whether you’re selling a product or promoting a business, your website must first provide valuable information to the visitor.  If your website fails at this, visitors will quickly leave your website.

Cross Browser Compatibility

According to data on the Internet, there are hundreds of different web browsers in use today.  And while it may be impossible to design a website that works properly on every browser in use today, Plano Webdesign builds every website to work effectively on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Bing and Chrome.  We believe designing to these major browsers will ensure your website works properly on 99.9% of all browsers.

Graphics and Photos

People who “surf the web” are typically impatient.  Studies show that most people will click away if a webpage takes more than a few seconds to load.  To avoid this, photos have to properly sized and optimized, without sacrificing picture quality.  In addition, every photo used on a website should have both an Alt and Title tag assigned to it.  Doing this is important to pass W3C compliance, but it also ensures cross browser compatibility.

Site Navigation

Site navigation is critical to every website.  It should be both simple and yet intuitive.  Studies have shown that if a visitor struggles with website navigation buttons, they will quickly leave the website.  It is also critical that your navigation scheme be cross browser compatible.


Good website design is a combination of common sense and good planning combined with experience in building search engine friendly websites.  Plano Webdesign strives to deliver an attractive and easy to use webdesign which follows all of the above guidelines.  If you are in need of a new website, or if your old website is in need of a “new coat of paint”, please consider Plano Webdesign.