How to Create a WordPress Membership Website in 2018

How to Create a WordPress Membership Website in 2018
December 24, 2017 Mike McLeland

How to Create a WordPress Membership Website in 2018

Do you have the next big idea that people are going to want? Have you figured out answers that you know a wide audience is going to want to know? If so, then one of the best ways of sharing that information is by creating a WordPress membership website. There are specific things that you need to do when you create a membership website that standard WordPress sites do not need. Here are things to know when you plan to create a membership website during 2018.

Getting Your WordPress Membership Website Started

In order to get your WordPress membership website started, you will need a few basic things. First, you need to have your website’s URL purchased. Next, you will need a hosting package for that website. Finally, you will need to install WordPress and whatever membership plugin you have chosen to use. From there, you will simply need to go through and set up the theme you want to use and add content to your website. Then, your membership website’s basics are started. You will also want to get an SSL safety certificate if you will be charging people to become members of your site, and install ways of accepting payments on your site prior to opening up your website to members.

Creating the Membership Part of Your Website

There are a few considerations you must make when it comes to the membership aspect of your website. First, you need to consider what type of membership site you want. Is it going to be different tiers of membership levels with increasingly valuable information, or is it going to be just getting information if you are a member and not getting that information if you are not a member? If you plan on having different tiers of information, then you need to determine what each level of membership receives. This will dictate how many tiers you need.

Second, you need to determine what the cost will be for each tier. How much value is the person getting from signing up for your website? This will be part of the decision-making process when you figure out what each tier’s price point will be. If you only have a membership level and a non-member level, then you need to figure out what flat rate your subscription will be to become a member. Plus, you need to decide if this should be a one-time fee, or if the charge should be recurring.

Getting Help with Your WordPress Membership Website

For those that do not feel comfortable setting up a WordPress membership website on their own, there is help out there. By turning to a professional, such as North Texas Web Design, you can leave all the anguish up to us. In the end, this saves you time, money, and frustration over trying to get it all working on your own. Give us a call today at 214-534-6830 – we look forward to assisting you with your new WordPress Membership website!