5 eCommerce Promotion Ideas to Increase Sales from Your eCommerce Website

5 eCommerce Promotion Ideas to Increase Sales from Your eCommerce Website
October 26, 2016 Mike McLeland

Having an eCommerce website can be a very lucrative opportunity if you can get people to your site, and convert them into buyers. However, that process can be anything but easy, especially at the beginning. Here are a few promotional ideas to help increase the sales for your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Promotion Ideas1 – Pay Attention to Your Website’s Carts

Studies have shown that most eCommerce sites are only getting about a third of their sales. That means, about two-thirds are getting abandoned before they purchase anything. If you want to keep the attention of these customers, send an email reminding them about their cart. You can even offer a discount if they go back and complete it within a specific amount of time.

2 – Upsell Everything You Can

Getting the basic form of anything is fine, but do you only want basic? No, we all want bigger, better, more! Offer a discounted upgrade to the next thing in line so people can upgrade what they are getting and feel good about doing it.

3 – Don’t Use Cookie Cutter Content for Everything

Make the content your customers are getting unique. Don’t send out the same template for everything. Customize what you can so that your customers feel important, and they are going to be more likely to buy, and stick with your company.

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4 – Have Reviews on Your Products

Ask each customer who purchased something to leave a review. Asking just a few questions can go a long way. People like reading reviews before they buy, and they like good customer service. If you can get people talking about these things, that’s going to result in more converted sales.

5 – Be Engaging to Those Who Come to Your Site

Be active in social media, emails, blogging, and other updates you can have for your site. Customers want to see and feel that they are important, and that the site is being consistently maintained. The more active and engaging you are, the more attention you will garner.