Things to Do Before Updating WordPress to Latest Version

Things to Do Before Updating WordPress to Latest Version
March 19, 2019 Mike McLeland

Things to Do Before Updating WordPress to Latest Version

Things to Do Before Updating WordPress to Latest Version

Unless you have been out of touch for a while, chances are, you have heard about the newest version of WordPress, often called Gutenberg. It is a big upgrade, and allows for a lot of additional customization of the former versions. If you want to upgrade, it is worth giving it a try. However, you have to make sure you do a few things to successfully upgrade without hiccups. Here are a few of the most important things to do prior to hitting that “upgrade” button in your dashboard.

Taking the Right Steps Can Ensure a Better Upgrade

In order to give you the best chances of a successful upgrade, you need to make sure that you do things in the right order. First, you need to make sure whatever host you are using has the right requirements met in order to upgrade. MySQL needs to be at 5.0 or higher. PHP needs to be at 5.2.4 or higher. Otherwise, you need to have the mod_rewrite Apache module in place.

From there, you need to go into your dashboard and make sure to upgrade things that you will need with the newest version of WordPress. First, make sure your theme is updated. If you are not sure if your theme is compatible, make sure you find out from the creator. Then, once your theme is good to go, then you want to upgrade your plugins, one at a time. Once everything is updated, you want to create a backup copy of your website just in case anything goes wrong.

Then Comes the Actual Update of WordPress

Once you have everything else set, it is time to perform the update of WordPress. In most instances, this will not take long, but it will take longer than a tiny update would since this update is a bit larger. Once your update is done, go and look at your website on the front end. Everything should still be in place, but if it isn’t, then you want to make sure that you fix things right away.

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