Update or Redesign Your Website for the 2016 Holiday Season

Update or Redesign Your Website for the 2016 Holiday Season
October 9, 2016 Mike McLeland

Thanks to online giants, buying holiday gifts online has become the norm over the last decade. So many people do it now that online stores even have Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals online instead of in-stores. If you want to be a part of this big buying extravaganza, then make sure your website is ready.

Update or Redesign Your WebsiteWhat Viewers Are Looking For

Viewers want websites that look nice, function well, and allow them to complete their purchases with ease. If you can provide this for them, you will be able to get customers this holiday season and likely keep them into the future. You need to make sure that your website is ready for the holidays, however. Waiting until halfway through December to start updating your website is likely going to cost you customers as your site will appear different as you are making the changes, which could put a bit of distrust in your visitors. Make the changes soon so that your website looks great and is cohesive each time visitors come to it.

How You Can Attract Attention

If you are going to do an update or redesign for the holidays, make sure you add in an area that talks about your items being great gifts. Provide these products and services to your friends and family, and you can be all set when it comes to holiday shopping, is the message that you want to convey. Show off pictures of what you want to sell, and make finding those items incredibly easy. Update your navigation to include the items that are likely to sell the best. If you want to add in an extra special touch, add in the ability to have the items wrapped for a small fee, as that convenience is something a lot of people like during the holiday season.