Why unique content matters for your website

Why unique content matters for your website
July 16, 2015 Mike McLeland

Why unique content matters for your website

In order for your company website to enjoy successful ratings, the content you post must be unique. Achieving excellent rankings among search engines is really contingent upon quality copywriting.

Many business owners are under the incorrect impression that they need not bother with anything more than stuffing a few key words into their articles. Now, writing to incorporate search engine optimization, or SEO, is not incredibly challenging, but it is not copywriting. And every company needs both in order to enjoy unique, high quality content.

SEO copywriting is the generation of authentic content pages with optimized words and terms integrated into the title, descriptions, and all tags and headings. In conjunction with SEO terms, the content must be reader friendly, easily scanned with myriad devices, and not written solely for the purpose of high ranks.

If you tackle a writing project with no concern beyond high ranks, you will fail to consider the reader, and to produce high quality unique information for them. And if the content you produce is considered not unique, you will be flagged and punished.

Being flagged by Google’s search bots for content which is not unique will result in penalties. In some cases that penalty is a reduced rank, in others the content is flagged for plagiarism, or removed entirely. In the worst of cases, your page can be taken down.

What can cause this?

  • If the content you post is found somewhere else, meaning you took an article that someone else wrote (such as your competition) and you just reworded it to fit your company, it will be flagged.
  • If you have one article on your services and you just rewrite it five times, the content will remain the same which means it is not unique and, again, you will be flagged.
  • If you instead had a machine generate material using keywords at specific mathematic intervals (such as programming a machine to add “this keyword” every 100 words) it will not read smoothly like a handwritten piece and will be flagged.

So what can you do to avoid this?

Write unique content each and every time. Take the time to produce or hire someone to produce a piece from scratch for each of your webpages and articles. If you hire a copywriter for next to nothing, do not expect unique, high quality content in return. Consider all written work on your site as a long term investment. You want to mitigate risk and maximize your return.