Magento 2 Payment Methods & Extensions
October 21, 2019 Mike McLeland

Magento 2 Payment Methods & Extensions

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Magento 2 Payment Methods & Extensions

Starting an eCommerce site can be difficult, and one of the most common problems our clients run into when starting their site is payment methods. Many platforms don’t offer modern solutions to payment methods or are heavily burdened by their inefficient payment methods.

Luckily, Magento 2 offers real-world solutions at cheaper prices than other platforms offering similar solutions. 

Setting up payments with Magento 2 is much simpler than other platforms. To start, head over to the “stores” tab on your Magento interface. Under “All Stores,” you’ll spot a button for configuration. After clicking it, you’ll enter the “sales” tab. You’ll be able to manage all your payment methods from this tab.

When you first set up your payment options, make sure to set up your location under “merchant location.” After setting your location, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of payment methods including Braintree, bank transfer, money orders, check orders, and many options for PayPal. Many of these options require additional setup so make sure after selecting them you check out their details with the drop-down arrow located next to them.

Some users of Magento 2 need other payment options available to them beyond what it offers “out of the box.” Fortunately, Magento has a large support for 3rd party payment extensions to make this possible.

Along with adding different payment methods, some 3rd party extensions will allow you to manage extra fees in addition to normal payment. This can be helpful for your eCommerce site if you decide to charge cart fees to generate extra profit. Some of these extensions can even handle shipping fees.

Another benefit to payment extensions is that they let you customize your customers’ experience at checkout. Many extensions will let you add service options such as gift wrapping options and warranty options. These choices will make your eCommerce site more competitive and user friendly.

Keep in mind you will need to pay for these extensions; however, North Texas Web Designs can help you through the process. If you’re interested in learning more, we have practical experience with helping people start their own effective eCommerce site with Magento 2 here in Plano, Texas. Of course, we would be happy to help you in other locations as well. Give us a call at (214) 534-6830, and we can help you create a better, more efficient eCommerce site!

North Texas Web Design specializes in Magento 2 eCommerce websites. As many of our customers desire “one stop shop”, we offer annual web hosting on our Linux server – dedicated to Magento hosting only. 

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