Why Consider Magento

Why Consider Magento

There are many reasons why Magento should be considered superior to most other eCommerce solutions available today. Magento was originally created for selling products online. Magento is different than other platforms that require a lot of customization to do the same functions and maybe lower performance. This is the main reason Magento is the ideal platform for almost all online retailer situations.

Following are 5 reasons Magento is the ideal platform for retail, eCommerce applications:

#1 – Made for eCommerce

Unlike WordPress and other similar CMS platforms, Magento was created to be an eCommerce platform. Some of the more common eCommerce features include a user-friendly dashboards, robust inventory management, advanced shipping and supplier management options, built-in cross-sells and upsells capabilities, newsletters, etc.

#2 – Easy Integration

Magento can be integrated with many third-party sites and platforms including SalesForce, Google, Facebook, all major payment gateways, as well as many shipping and customer care services.

#3 – Customizable 

As mentioned above, the platform allows developers to fully customize the website from default templates. Merchants can create unique stores with typical designs and functions.

#4 – SEO friendly

As one of the best eCommerce platforms that are SEO friendly, apart from hosting all your information it also aids your websites such that they show up in the search engine space.

#5 – Efficiency

Websites cannot afford to load slowly. Users want instant gratification and as such, they want web pages that load instantly, else they get bored and move on to the next website. Given this, you need a solution that is on top of its game, collects all the data, and meets all client expectations relative to speed and mobility. Magento enables you to cache data, retrieving data exceedingly fast – plus gives you all the tools to make sure you succeed in the ecommerce space.


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