The Merits of Magento Over WordPress

The Merits of Magento Over WordPress

When it comes to creating an eCommerce site, there are two platforms that are very popular: Magento and WordPress. However, while both can be used to create an eCommerce site, there are many reasons why Magento is the better option. If you’re trying to decide between these two platforms, here are some of the reasons why Magento may be the better option.

You Need a True eCommerce Site

The Merits of Magento Over WordPressMagento and WordPress were designed with two different goals in mind. Magento was planned from the beginning as an eCommerce site. That was always its primary purpose. WordPress, on the other hand, was built as a content management system. Later, plugins were created to give sites made in WordPress some functions of an eCommerce site. While it’s great for blogs and for websites in general, these plugins don’t give WordPress the same flexibility and options as Magento.

There Are Multiple Versions

Magento has several different versions, including a free Community Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition. The right version for your business depends on its size and your needs. Having the Enterprise Edition available for large businesses gives you more options and much more support than you’d get with WordPress. You can also purchase a managed services plan for Magento. These plans provide you with support and assistance from Magento experts and developers.

Better Tools

Few WordPress plugins are going to give you the tools that Magento offers as far as reporting goes. Magento’s reports can be customized to provide you with detailed information regarding traffic, conversions, and sales. WordPress isn’t going to offer as much flexibility or customization. Magento also has much better product management tools, making it faster and easier to manage the products you have on your site. If you’re offering less than a few hundred products, you may not see these advantages right away. However, businesses with thousands of products will certainly find it easier to use Magento than WordPress.

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