North Texas Web Design’s Origin & History
April 29, 2023 Richard Taveira

North Texas Web Design’s Origin & History

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Our History

Richard’s journey in the world of technology began during his high school years when he embarked on a career in IT. He found himself working for a prominent energy conglomerate, where he gained valuable experience across various roles. Starting from technical support, he diligently worked his way up the ladder to become a Systems Administrator.

After a successful stint in the IT industry, Richard decided to venture into the realm of web development. He established his own company, Web|Aligns, which primarily focused on early-stage WordPress blog development. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for creating dynamic websites, he dedicated two years to building his brand and honing his web development skills.

In 2008, Richard’s career took a new turn as he transitioned into a contractor role for North Texas Web Design. Initially working on a project-by-project basis, he gradually formed a strong partnership with the previous owner. This collaboration proved fruitful, leading to Richard taking over the ownership of the company and assuming the role of the main developer when the previous owner retired in 2022.

Our History & Future

After visiting Toronto (Richard’s Home Town) from Texas, Richard keenly observed a significant gap in the web development landscape, not only within the Greater Toronto Area but throughout Canada as a whole. This observation sparked an idea to bridge the divide between high-end web development firms and the challenges faced when searching for reliable freelancers on various platforms. Thus, our sister company: True North Web Design was born—an endeavor driven by Richard’s aspiration to provide exceptional web development services, catering to the needs of businesses not just in the Greater Toronto Area but across Canada as a whole. He plans to do the same in different regions where the need is apparent. Building upon what NTXWD was originally.

With his extensive background in IT, experience in web development, and a strong sense of commitment, Richard is well-equipped to lead True North Web Design into the future. His mission is to deliver top-notch web development solutions that bridge the gap and provide clients, both in the DFW area, and beyond, with the reliability and expertise they deserve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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