Online eCommerce Firearms Website

Online eCommerce Firearms Website using WordPress

Are you considering opening a new online firearms eCommerce website? In total, North Texas Web Design has now built over a dozen online firearms websites over the past 36 months. While building firearms websites is not necessarily our specialty, we feel we’ve learned a lot about what owners are looking for when considering building an online firearms website.

Initial Firearms Websites

  • The first three firearms websites we built used a 3rd party eCommerce shopping cart by NetSource called Candy Press.
  • These websites were very robust and feature rich, but were also very expensive to build due to all the unique database customization that was required.
  • The fact is that most small businesses cannot afford to build such a website – due solely on the cost of the project.

Our Latest Online Firearms Website

  • Online eCommerce Firearms Website using WordPressRecently, we launched our first online firearms website using WordPress.
  • The price of this project ended being a fraction of the cost of the three above websites, plus this new website includes a couple of new features we were unable to develop (due to cost) using Product Cart
  • Just check out Just Shoot Safely at justshootsafely.com.

New FFL Lookup Feature

  • When any online firearms dealer sells a handgun or rifle, they cannot just ship it directly to their customer, rather, they must ship it to another dealer who holds a Federal Firearms License, or FFL.
  • With Just Shoot Safely, we developed a really neat feature that allows anyone purchasing such a firearm to pre-select the FFL dealer they want their new handgun or long gun shipped to.
  • This feature uses a zip code feature that allows customers to look at all FFL holders within a certain range from their zip code.
  • We also just launched a new website for Cripple Creek Firearms and Gunsmithing – another WordPress firearms website

Inventory Build

  • In building the inventory for Just Shoot Safely, we imported firearms from RSR Group and ammunition from Good To Go Ammunition.
  • This greatly simplified the loading of products for our client, thus greatly reducing the expense to build this website.
  • We now have better, and less expensive options to keep your online firearms website constantly updated with your drop-ship wholesaler – call us for details.
  • In addition to selling handguns, long guns and ammunition, Just Shoot Safely also specializes in Firearms Training, Firearms Appraisals as well as Silencers – something many websites don’t bother with.

In Summary

  • If you’re thinking about building your own online firearms website, you should consider WordPress – and you should also consider North Texas Web Design.
  • If you do much investigating, you’ll find most web developers have NO knowledge of handguns, nor any of the requirements necessary to effectively build and implement an online firearms store – such as many of the largest credit card merchants will NOT accept credit card payments for handguns or ammunition, including Authorize.net and PayPal.
  • North Texas Web Design has experience in building successful online firearms websites – contact us at 214-534-6830

Contact North Texas Web Design at 214-534-6830 for more information about opening your very own online firearms website.