Online Reviews – Why They Matter & How to Get Them?

Online Reviews – Why They Matter & How to Get Them? 

A recent consumer review survey by BrightLocal has revealed the growing importance of online reviews to consumers. The survey concludes that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations when making purchasing decisions. Though word-of-mouth is still the most popular way of recommending a business and spreading your satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with an organization – the importance of online reviews most certainly cannot be discounted.

With consumers slowly migrating to online shopping as opposed to the old fashioned window shopping, there is much more opportunity for them to develop an opinion about your brand before even trying it out for themselves. That being said, not only do online reviews matter, but positive online reviews are essential to growing your brand.

Reputation Management

Google Reviews Along with online reviews comes the unavoidable reputation management. Consumers have always been entitled to their own opinions about brands, but it has not always been so easy to share those opinions and have them spread like wildfire. With today’s internet savvy marketplace, one negative review could be the difference in 20 would-have-been new customers. For this reason, managing your reputation is crucial. That means handling negative feedback as it is tossed your way in a timely, proactive and satisfactory manner.

It means making good of whatever bad a consumer might have experienced. It means removing the sour taste in their mouth and replacing it with the possibility of a second chance.

Getting Online Reviews

The key is not only to get online reviews, but to get great online reviews. Arguably the most critical step to getting great customer reviews is to have happy customers. After all, how are you going to get good reviews if you are not pleasing your customers? Another important part of getting great customer reviews is to ask for them. Always remember, “If you do not A-S-K, you do not G-E-T,” that is a fact. When a customer compliments you, ask them to give you a brief review. Lastly, make sure that giving your business a review is simple and straightforward. It should be self-explanatory and not require much time or effort.

In the end, remember: it is a numbers game. It is inevitable that eventually you will have an unsatisfied customer or two, your goal needs to be to have a large number of mostly great reviews, as opposed to only a couple of bad and a few good.