SEO and Magento

SEO and Magento

Without a doubt, Google is the most popular as well as moist important search engine on the web today, with over two thirds plus market share. Google’s database is currently used by lots of other search engines so applying the 80:20 rule, doing well in Google is a basic minimum requirement for getting new customers online.

To perform well with Google, you simply adhere to three key principles: Visibility, Relevance and Popularity.


Visibility is about basic mechanics; getting your site seen and indexed. Google accomplishes this by sending out “little robots” that spider around the Internet, examining pages, titles, headers, links, file names, content and the HTML underneath it. Everything those robots can read gets indexed. Many eCommerce websites cannot be read at all, because products and their descriptions are hidden deep inside databases.

Magento users have detailed control over SEO assets such as Page Titles and meta data.

The most important asset is the page title (the TITLE tag and the name of the page in your browser window). The Page Title is the first line of Google’s listing on its search results page. There are also special HTML tags containing instructions about what Google should look out for.


Next, everything on your website must be relevant. Relevance is about all the elements of your site pointing in the same direction, with the same context and keywords. Simply put, if all your pages talk about “power tools” all over the place, then Google will regard your site as relevant to power tools. The relevance check is designed to weed out cynical and cheap masquerading.

Tweaks can be made to your pages by customizing the URLs to make them short and to the point, as well as relative to the content that they hold. By default, Magento uses product and category names to make these, but you should override those that are too long or contain redundant and irrelevant words.

When you have got this mixture of visibility and relevance right, your site will be well-armed for those Google robots. All the above points are under your control on your website, through the Magento Admin Panel.


Lastly, you need to become popular. The Google algorithm will give each page on your site a page rank. This page rank will affect how often Google visits you. For a mail order company, anything north of 6/10 will you give real competitive advantage in securing good rankings for your keywords and products. A more precise measure, together with a list of these links, can be obtained from Google Webmaster Tools.

SEO & Magento


SEO & Magento

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