How Small and Medium Businesses Can Benefit from Magento

How Small & Medium Businesses Can Benefit from Magento

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) use WordPress for their eCommerce needs, simply because it’s very easy and is available for free. However, Magento does actually provide these businesses with a number of benefits that may make it a better fit, especially if you’re looking for a pure eCommerce system and not a content management system. WordPress was designed as the latter, which makes it great for creating a full website with features such as a blog, but it’s not as powerful as Magento for eCommerce. Here are a few ways SMB can benefit from Magento.

Use the Community Edition

How Small and Medium Businesses Can Benefit from MagentoThere are several different editions of Magento. The Community Edition was designed specifically for SMB and has many tools aimed at fulfilling your needs. This edition is also free, so there are no budget concerns, and is open-source, so it can be modified as needed.

It’s Optimized for Mobile

Today, more and more people use smartphones and tablets to make purchases. This means it’s now vital that your site looks great and functions perfectly on mobile devices. Magento automatically adjusts your website to display correctly on whatever device the user is using, so you don’t have to worry about creating a mobile site or doing anything extra to make your site mobile-accessible.

It Has all the Right Tools

Magento has a number of different tools that let you easily monitor your sales, traffic, conversions, and more. You can see exactly what’s bringing in views and revenue and what needs to be changed. Since it was developed from the beginning as an eCommerce tool, Magento is often better in this area than something like WordPress, which is not primarily for eCommerce.

These are just three different reasons why a small or medium-sized business can benefit from using Magento for eCommerce. As a flexible platform designed for online sales, there are many more reasons why Magento might be perfect for your eCommerce needs.

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