Stretching the eCommerce Functionality with Magento 2 Extensions

Stretching the eCommerce Functionality with Magento 2 Extensions
October 26, 2018 Mike McLeland

Stretching the eCommerce Functionality with Magento 2 Extensions

Stretching the eCommerce Functionality with Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 is ushering in a new era in eCommerce innovations, and with the available extensions, you can stretch the functionality of your eCommerce store. There are thousands of both free and premium Magento 2 extensions that ensure correct data from the point of sale to the warehouse and physical store.

Extensions are essential to the growth of your Magento site by stretching and offering more functionality to your customers. The list of extensions is endless and you ought to try those that fit with your business model and niche.

Why Migrate to Magento 2

Magento 2 has features that rival that of other eCommerce platforms and other than a wide range of extensions, you will benefit from features such as improved performance compared to Magento 1, user-friendly checkout, secure payments and so much more. While you will need an extension for every department of your online store, you will need a blog and sales rep management extensions to ensure increased conversions and scalability.

Blog Extensions

Magento 2 offers an open-source solution by allowing the users to incorporate out-of-the-box as well as third-party extensions that help in increasing the efficiency of an online business. One of the best ways to let potential customers know about your eCommerce is through sharing blog content on social media. By using Magento 2 blog extensions, you will increase the efficiency of your store. You will need to tailor the content on your blog, and when appropriately integrated, you will be able to stay on the pulse of customer expectations.

Sales Rep Management Extensions

If you have reached the point of having sales reps on your store, then you need to manage them and ensure that they are working at their best. It is not wise to send them out to sell your products.

With the proper Magento 2 extensions, you can effectively increase the productivity of your sales reps, and it will reflect on the success of your business. The extensions have features such as performance reporting, assigning customers to sales reps, as well as the calculation and payment of commissions.

Change is difficult for most people and with eCommerce growing in leaps and bounds, Magento 2 is contributing to its growth by stretching the functionality of eCommerce using extensions that will integrate with your online store.

You can only get so much done with free extensions, so it is best to set aside funds and buy premium extensions for increased efficiency.

If you’re looking for a new eCommerce platform to replace your outdated store – or if you are a new business wanting a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform so you can compete in your market – you should strongly consider Magento. We at North Texas Web Design have local, in-house Magento experts (not outsourced overseas) and are ready to help you with any Magento questions you may have.

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