The Importance of Google Reviews in Gaining Authority with Google

The Importance of Google Reviews in Gaining Authority with Google
January 12, 2021 Mike McLeland

The Importance of Google Reviews in Gaining Authority with Google

A Google review that puts your site at the top of the search results is no easy task by any means. In the past, the google algorithm looked at the number of properties within a site to boost it to the top of the page. Depending on how many links and keywords were displayed would give your website a top ranking for a query.

New algorithms have been released now, and so the factor of quality of content has become just as relevant as the quantity. This effectively weeds out any sites that were overstocking useless information via keywords to receive a higher ranking. The secondary result is that it has become that much more difficult to bring awareness to your branding and business.

How Do You Achieve a High-Ranking Site to Generate New Leads?

Quantity is, of course, ‘easier’ to obtain by selecting key words to lace throughout your site and compete against opposing businesses. Without the balance of quality, however, your website just turns into that shouting guy at the party that no one wants to acknowledge. Start by ensuring your content is original! Google can tell the difference between a robotically generated spew of words versus something uniquely created by an individual.

This also helps to keep people on your website, increase the likelihood of revisits, and encourage users to share your site with others, all of which boosts your overall ranking. Continuously engaging with your users will help promote this as well – answer any questions your visitors may have and prioritize their concerns!

North Texas Web Design Can Help

How can you interlace a large quantity of keywords and links that are relative to your topic without being flagged as someone just trying to get to the top of the hurtle? The best way is to develop a conscious plan for your content. Start by thinking of your users and what knowledge or experiences would be most beneficial to them. With your audience in mind, you can then develop keywords and links that will be equally as interesting.

It never hurts to take a peek at what lingo your competitors are using either! Keeping these in mind, you can then set to work with your writings making each paragraph easy to understand and flow naturally with your choice words fitting peacefully in a competent sentence structure. When you establish a balance between quantity and quality, your web SEO will grow far beyond your expectations! Contact us here at North Texas Web Design today!

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