The Top 5 eCommerce Design Trends in 2020
May 13, 2020 Mike McLeland

The Top 5 eCommerce Design Trends in 2020

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The Top 5 eCommerce Design Trends in 2020

Because web design is ever-evolving, each year brings fresh concepts, and 2020 is no different. This year, you’ll see trends based on changing user patterns and once ignored concepts that are currently growing in priority. This means that eCommerce entrepreneurs will need to keep their websites engaging for shoppers, in order to make them profitable and to grow their businesses..

Here are 5 eCommerce design trends for 2020 that will enhance the online shopping experience and make visitors to your site want to stick around and purchase your products.

Interactive Shopping

In 2020, you’ll see more and more websites using innovative interactions like animation and cinemagraphs. You can expect to see animated loading bars, icon rotations and cool buttons to grab users’ attention.

On homepages, cinemagraphs will gain predominance. Cinemagraphs are small, repeating animations typically created in GIF format. In 2020 however, they will take more subtle forms, such as background images and homepage banners.


Chatbots with artificial intelligence will help personalize online shoppers’ experiences in 2020. These digital assistants have evolved beyond just answering queries about products and usage. They can now help with purchase decisions, deliver shipping notifications and offer discount codes.

Striking Colors

Colors are not solely for aesthetics. In web design, they serve to connect with customers. The past few years may have been about minimalism and white space, but 2020 will be about bright, bold colors. For owners of eCommerce sites, this means intelligent use of striking colors to convey engaging messages and create a positive experience for shoppers. You’ll also see eye-catching colors combined with textural elements, such as interesting navigational aids and letters with highlights.


You can tell a moving brand story through the use of various design approaches. Including your story in your website development can really breathe life into your brand. Not only does storytelling create an emotional connection with your customers, it also establishes trust and credibility. Your brand story is like no one else’s, and as such, is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to show your passion for your product or service and include your humble beginnings, as well as a solution for your customers’ needs.

Original Photography

Choosing low-quality, stock photos for your eCommerce site is counterproductive. 2020 trends include a focus on custom, high-quality, original photos by professional photographers. This will add a sense of authenticity to your website and make it memorable to shoppers. Steer clear of stock images to keep your website from feeling tired and unmemorable.

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