Professional, Affordable Web Pricing …

Professional, Affordable Web Pricing

North Texas Web Design strives to provide the highest quality truly custom website at Professional, Affordable Web Pricing. We utilize a simple to understand per-page pricing model.

  1. Professional, Affordable Web PricingFor static page websites, we utilize a standard price for the Home Page (you pay NOTHING for this initial design)
  2. Once the Home Page design is approved, you’ll be invoiced 50% of the total web site design (payment is expected upon receipt of the Invoice)
  3. The balance of the website is payable upon completion of the website
  4. For WordPress websites, we do require an initial deposit, with the balance due upon completion of the website.

The Home page, including all the files developed for the Home Page, become the template for the other pages. The price for subsequent pages is therefore a fraction of the Home Page price.

Pricing for websites is based on a simple to understand per-page pricing model. A typical website with 5 static pages, including Home Page, starts at about $1100. A custom eCommerce site can start as little at $1800 – including product customization as well as customer training.

Custom database applications are always quoted based on the specific requirements of the client, so it’s impossible to project a cost until we understand what the client needs.

Our Per-Page pricing model includes:

  1. Fixed Price for Home Page
  2. Per-Page pricing on subsequent pages as little as $95 per page
  3. Fixed price for a fully installed and customized Candy Press E-Commerce Shopping Cart, complete with 3 hours of client training
  4. Fixed pricing for Forms and Surveys – form security (CAPTCHA available upon request)
  5. FREE Flexible pricing for Photo Galleries, depending on what the client wants
  6. Common use of jQuery Sliders rather than FLASH to enhance the appearance of the website
  7. Fixed pricing for your own WordPress BLOG
  8. Reduced pricing for Privacy, Terms and Copyright pages
  9. Special pricing for custom Favicon Icons

What we include in every website we create:

  1. Every site built using Windows asp code, written specifically and efficiently for a Windows server
  2. Every site is truly custom. We never use “templates”
  3. Custom Java script navigation schemes (horizontal and vertical)
  4. Server based STATS for all websites we host (FREE)
  5. Automatic copyright statement
  6. Every web page is optimized with appropriate keywords and keyword phrases
  7. Every site tested against Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Safari and Chrome, at a minimum
  8. Every site is also tested against an iPad
  9. ALT and Title attributes used on every image
  10. All pages tested to ensure W3C compliance
  11. Every website has a customized sitemap.xml
  12. Every website is submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo
  13. CAPTCHA security on forms is a FREE option

Optional Services include:

  1. Web hosting on a Windows server
  2. Branded Email is available
  3. Custom graphics based on an hourly rate
  4. Custom Logo Designs
  5. Custom databases – both Microsoft Access and SQL databases

What’s NOT included:

  1. Any special application which must be purchased on behalf of the client
  2. Any custom logo which must be purchased on behalf of the client
  3. Any special page, such as a page that requires an Access database or a page that requires encrypted login
  4. 3rd party web analytics