Why Is a Good Hosting Provider and Regular Maintenance Essential for Your Website?

Why Is a Good Hosting Provider and Regular Maintenance Essential for Your Website?
May 28, 2019 Mike McLeland

Why Is a Good Hosting Provider and Regular Maintenance Essential for Your Website?

Every business owner, whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, should have a website. Even if you don’t plan on doing any selling online, a website helps people find you in North Texas. But just having a website is not enough.

A website that exists but never changes is like a page in a very long book. When search engines try to find a website based on a set of search criteria, it thumbs through millions of pages of that book and then lists the pages that seem relevant. Search engines do this in a variety of ways, but most importantly, they offer results that have been updated most recently first.

If you create a website and never update it, you will be at the end of a very long list. 

What Does a Good Hosting Provider Do?

Good hosting providers take care of your website. When search algorithms change, your provider should change certain aspects of your website to take advantage of these changes.

North Texas Web Design does that for you. And what is better is that we are in North Texas. We know what people in our area will use for a search term. As an example, if you are in England you call gas, petrol. So, if you come to North Texas and search for a petrol station you aren’t going to find one. You have to look for a gas station. This is the advantage of using a local hosting provider for your North Texas business.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Necessary?

Technology is always changing. If you don’t believe us just look at your phone. When Apple comes out with a new phone it may interact differently with your website than it used to. The same thing happens when Microsoft comes out with a new version. Sometimes you can’t get to a website you used to be able to get to because they didn’t change it to adapt to the changes Microsoft made.

North Texas Web Design keeps track of these technological changes. It also watches the trends of consumers. For example, studies show that if your web page loads too slowly some consumers will just go to the next one in the search list. People want things now. They use their phones more than their home computers. To make sure they can find you and will bother loading your page, you have to regularly check trends and adapt accordingly.

Contact North Texas Web Design and let us show you what we can do to help you get that next customer.

See what some of our customers say about us!

  • The most important thing these days is SERVICE…period. That is, a company provides it, or they don’t! Now don’t get taken like we all have, there are many levels of service from basically nothing (“are you sure you have the device plugged IN and turned ON?” or “I can’t understand what you are saying, can you speak English? or do you even know how to spell WEB PAGE?….totally useless service) to placing the service call, having a human answer the phone that can speak and understand English without a “out on the edge” accent and expeditiously remediate the problem! One that is with you the entire way. In my opinion PWD/NTWD provides the highest level.I have been with NTWD for about 5 years with several Web Sites and numerous email accounts and yes I did have a glitsh, well more it was a change of server. I was on the phone with them and the problem was resolved, just like that! It wasn’t really a problem but a change in configuration, even better.The next most important thing is quality. NTWD provides top quality work. Basically anyone can build a web page or host data or email. Mike at NTWD delivers the best that is possible, always there and only a phone call away….if you happen to need help. SECURITY????? That is a big concern and should be of everyone! I am totally concerned about security but not with my NTWD services. I know they are covered, Mike keeps up with technology.I have a choice and so do you. You want to have a strong and SAFE site and service? Do not go any further, simply go to NTWD. As an overall package (design and service), there is none better.Dang I forgot to mention money, fees, skins, bucks, green backs, dough, bread….etc. You want a strong quality product (and service) for a very reasonable price……. The work is done for you. Go to NTWD. Don’t go anywhere else. If you already have, get your tail to NTWD as soon as you can.

    By Gordon McAleb of Einstein Engineering

  • Over the past 30 years of my career I have had the opportunity to work with a number of IT professionals. I have never worked with someone as good as Mike. He is incredibly responsive even for the smallest requests and makes major changes happen at a very fast pace. I am, repeatedly, impressed every time I have an interaction with him. He is so respectful of his clients and understands, especially with someone like me that has limited IT knowledge and capabilities, how to speak my language so that I understand what is going on. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to drastically improve their IT capabilities and web design whether it be a small company or a large one.

    By Kim Reed of Mimi’s Wig Boutique

  • We have had the great pleasure of working with Mike McLeland for a number of years now. The quality of our website is fabulous. The true test is of course, does it make the potential clients want to take the time to inquire about our services? It absolutely does this. He created it so that it is easy for that potential client to decide quickly and with ease that they want to know more about us and our services. This is rare because a lot of websites in our industry in particular are extremely hard to move around once you have arrived.Additionally, Mike has a rare quality as a Web Designer. He understands who he can send an email filled with technical terms to and who he shouldn’t. The owner of our company receives the technical emails and I get the total opposite. This makes it so much easier for us to work with him.Lastly, his level of care is, ” Off the Charts!” There I no other way to describe it.I hope a lot of other businesses use his services.

    By Pamela Hackley of H1 Construction

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