Why Your Website is the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Your Website is the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy
February 21, 2020 Richard Taveira

Why Your Website is the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

Ask any real estate broker or land buyer, and what is it they talk about? That now famous line of #locationlocationlocation.

Because if you have the “right” location you can build your foundation from the ground up, anyway, anyhow, anytime you choose – your way. It is the same with your marketing strategy. If you ask a seasoned business owner who started from the ground up, what was the foundation for your market strategy? The answer is more than likely to be #websitewebsitewebsite.

Nearly all consumers today make no major purchase (or many minor for that matter) for goods or services, without first doing some “online research”, so having a well-designed website that will appear in a search engine for a service or product you provide your business will appear. Your website presence should be the foundation for your marketing efforts.

Must Have’s in the Digital World of Business

Creative /Responsive /Seamless: In the online world of today’s business, it is no longer just satisfactory for you to have a website that looks impressive – you must always be “stepping up your game”. Web site designs not only have to have the necessity of looking impressive anymore, they also have to be (in fact must be) entirely operational, functional as well as responsiveness across the board on all platforms and operating systems and all computers, all tablets, all mobile devices, especially smartphones.

Social Media Platforms/Blogging: Your website needs to have the ability to easily update and add fresh content. Improving the capability of consistently and continually supplying updates and links through your social media channels. Make no mistake about the continual need for fresh and engaging material and content for your media feeds and blogs – as that is what will keep followers and clients updated about your services or products and your business. New and fresh content also help guarantee that your website and presence will have a search engine placement in online searches with the popular browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Ask, etc. Posting blogs are also very important and are the easiest way to constantly and continually keep your content new and creative. You write and post a new blog – it gets published out on your social media, which will then link to your website. #endgoal, #instantengagement

Networking: Establishing connections and relationship building = Marketing. How does your website help with relationships and connections? Trade and merchandise shows, flea markets, county fairs, conferences, business meeting, local chamber of commerce meeting, lunch… every single one of these events is about connecting with people and building relationships of one kind or another. After you talk with any initial contact – what do you do? You get their business card (almost always). After that, you follow up with a quick email or call = that is followed with a quick check of how their website looks and searching for their social media platform icons to link to. Then you quick copy/paste those links and names to the distribution list for your email set up on your computer. Hit save and there you have a whole new list for future email campaigns.

Ultimately, your website as the foundation for your marketing strategy starts with the focus of the branding of your business – what do you do that sets you “apart” from anyone else on the world wide web – and then how does your website convey that message through digital space. You want something that it is captivating enough to grab those few nanoseconds that someone’s thumb or mouse lingers over a link to push. After you get them to click – then you need to ensure that your website material is always in complete alignment with your business and your brand. The next important step is to keep your messaging consistent across the board on all your online marketing materials and social media accounts.

Remember: Creative, responsive, seamless – add into the mix – easily manageable for uploading content and updates, easy to find on search engines, and then also end-user friendly and you’ve got all the ingredients for a solid foundation. Visit North Texas Web Design and let us help you build that foundation and then let us help you with your marketing strategy as well.

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