Our WordPress Design Process

Our 12-Step WordPress Design Process

Our 12-Step WordPress Design Process

One of the four primary focus areas of North Texas Web Design is creating modern, mobile responsive and cutting-edge WordPress designs for our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by NOT using any of the “paint-by-numbers” templates that are so often used by other developers, but rather, we use state-of-the-art WordPress platforms that allow for total design customization.

And not only are we able to create unique, different and beautiful WordPress website, we provide our customers with training of how to use their new secure Dashboard via one of several Go To Meeting training sessions – which of course is built into our below industry average pricing (we never charge for training).

Our 12-Step Design Process

In this article, we want to highlight and summarize our 12-step process we follow to build a new WordPress website once a client retains us.

1 – Domain Name – first, we ensure our clients already have a domain name. If not, we help them in securing a domain name from one of the more reputable domain registrars (and we’re not bashful in telling our customers who to avoid).

2 – Web Hosting – next, we discuss web hosting. We do NOT require our clients host with us, however our clients often want us to host their new WordPress website because we include a service no other web design firm includes with our WordPress hosting – see https://northtexas-webdesign.com/north-texas-web-design-one-stop-shop-web-development-company/ for more information

3 – Logo – we often find that clients do not have a logo when they come to us. It is customary for us to include creation of a logo they can use on their website as well as business cards – all included in our standard pricing. In the event that we cannot create what they want (which is seldom), we will retain the services of a graphic design artist, who will charge a nominal price for creating their new logo.

4 – Temporary URL – we utilize a temporary URL to build all new WordPress websites – whether we’re hosting the website or the site is being hosted elsewhere. This allows our clients to view every aspect of their new website throughout the design process.

5 – The Design – we begin all projects by first creating the Home page. The Home page is the most critical page on the website, as it contains the overall layout, color scheme, site navigation and content. We do NOT begin creating interior pages until we have approval of the Home page design.

6 – Content – we work with our clients to obtain and secure appropriate content for their new website. Sometimes, a new client simply does not have the skill or knowhow to craft appropriate text. In these situations, we have professional content writers available to assist in developing appropriate web content.

7 – Images – we NEVER use images grabbed off another website. If a client cannot provide their own images for their new website, we often are able to purchase royalty free images from one of several royalty free website – such as http://123rf.com.

8 – Optimization – we optimize every page and post on new WordPress websites we build using the Yoast SEO plugin. We consider Yoast the very best plugin for on-page search engine optimization. We of course include this service as part of our standard pricing.

9 – Initial Payment – in addition to a few non-standard business practices in the world of web design, North Texas Web Design rarely charges a deposit until the Home page design is approved by our client. Once we have Home page design and layout approval – we Invoice 50% of the agreed upon price – even if we decide our clients need additional features not initially agreed to in our proposal.

10 – Final Payment – once the website is completely finished and live on the web, we submit our final Invoice – not before.

11 – Guarantee – if by chance our client find something we missed (which is rare), we NEVER charge for fixing something we should’ve caught – even a year after launch. We guarantee all of our work forever.

12 – Maintenance – while we offer training via Go To Meetings to all our customers, many would rather not be burdened by making changes or posting new information on their new WordPress website – so of course we offer this service. For customers who want us to make regular and periodic updates, we offer a very competitive maintenance service with an annual rate. For other customers who don’t necessarily want regular changes, we simply keep track of their changes, then Invoice when appropriate (not necessarily monthly).

If you are a Small Business Owner in Collin County (or anywhere) and need a new website – or simply have questions about your existing website – give North Texas Web Design a call at 214-534-6830.

See what some of our customers saying about us!

  • We have had the great pleasure of working with Mike McLeland for a number of years now. The quality of our website is fabulous. The true test is of course, does it make the potential clients want to take the time to inquire about our services? It absolutely does this. He created it so that it is easy for that potential client to decide quickly and with ease that they want to know more about us and our services. This is rare because a lot of websites in our industry in particular are extremely hard to move around once you have arrived.Additionally, Mike has a rare quality as a Web Designer. He understands who he can send an email filled with technical terms to and who he shouldn’t. The owner of our company receives the technical emails and I get the total opposite. This makes it so much easier for us to work with him.Lastly, his level of care is, ” Off the Charts!” There I no other way to describe it.I hope a lot of other businesses use his services.

    By Pamela Hackley of H1 Construction

  • Working with North Texas Web Design has been a great experience. As a client I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. I truly appreciate the trust relationship I have built with Mike and his team. I highly recommend North Texas Web Design for building and maintaining not only a web site, but a web presence for my brand and my company!

    Stan Mefford with Just Shoot Safely

  • Working with Mike and North Texas Web Design was a great experience. They were able to create my website with the exact same graphic design and requirements I gave them, and it only took them a couple of days. I appreciate the professionalism and the wiliness to listen to my picky demands. My website looks just the way I envision it. I look forward to continue this relationship for future updates. I’m also happy to give some great references to a couple of my buddies for their websites.

    Armando Cobo

Our WordPress Design Process

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Our WordPress Design Process

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