WordPress Maintenance Monthly Checklist
September 26, 2019 Mike McLeland

WordPress Maintenance Monthly Checklist

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WordPress Maintenance Monthly Checklist

When you have an eCommerce website you know that there are a lot of aspects of your site that will either make people stop by and come back or just stop by. The loading time of your site is crucial because if it takes too long to load, potential customers will simply move on to the next business on the search list. Yet another factor is how easy it is to navigate your site and find what they want. This particularly true for mobile users, who are increasing by the year.

The good news is that there are maintenance tasks that can help your site be the “go-to” place for consumers. Simple tasks that you can perform on a monthly basis can help your website be the one that consumers visit. If you perform these tasks on a monthly basis, you can help yourself and your customers. Let’s take a look at a few easy to perform maintenance tasks.

Junk Data

Every website has some junk data that simply isn’t needed. Unfortunately, leaving that data laying around can slow down your site. You want to identify it and remove it. So what kind of junk data do you want to get rid of?

If you allow users to leave comments about your products or customer service, for example, you know that you will also get spam comments. These can be comments that have nothing to do with your site or business or people advertising themselves. The problem is they take up space and wanted or not, they increase the loading time. Get rid of them. They not only affect your site, but are annoying to your customers. You may also have settings for plugins that you no longer use and uninstalled but if you didn’t delete them, the settings are still there. This is a bit more technical, but WordPress has a free tool called WP Sweep that can help you clean up junk data. Just be sure you back up your site before you run it.

You should also delete unused themes and plug-ins from your server. In addition, remove the settings from your database. When you are finished clean your WordPress cache. You may be surprised how much faster your site loads.

Outdated Users

If you have users that no longer work for you or don’t work in an area that needs website access anymore, they should go. They are a security risk, not because they are malicious people, but because their passwords may be old and no longer secure or they may have shared them with someone. Pay particular attention to those who have admin access. If they don’t need to be there, delete them.

If you need help setting it up or have questions about fraud prevention contact North Texas Web Design. We’re here to help.

Other Tasks

Check your site for broken links and either fix them or remove them. Nothing frustrates a user more than finding where they want to go and not getting there. When you are finished with these tasks, check your loading time. If you find bottlenecks, identify the reason and fix it.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, contact North Texas Web Design. We will be happy to help.

North Texas Web Design specializes in WordPress websites – both eCommerce and non-eCommerce. As many of our customers desire “one stop shop”, we offer web hosting on our dedicated Linux server. For those clients whom we host, we include quarterly updating of WordPress, template(s) and all plugins – something nobody else includes in their hosting plans.

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    By Kim Reed of Mimi’s Wig Boutique

  • We have had the great pleasure of working with Mike McLeland for a number of years now. The quality of our website is fabulous. The true test is of course, does it make the potential clients want to take the time to inquire about our services? It absolutely does this. He created it so that it is easy for that potential client to decide quickly and with ease that they want to know more about us and our services. This is rare because a lot of websites in our industry in particular are extremely hard to move around once you have arrived.Additionally, Mike has a rare quality as a Web Designer. He understands who he can send an email filled with technical terms to and who he shouldn’t. The owner of our company receives the technical emails and I get the total opposite. This makes it so much easier for us to work with him.Lastly, his level of care is, ” Off the Charts!” There I no other way to describe it.I hope a lot of other businesses use his services.

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  • The most important thing these days is SERVICE…period. That is, a company provides it, or they don’t! Now don’t get taken like we all have, there are many levels of service from basically nothing (“are you sure you have the device plugged IN and turned ON?” or “I can’t understand what you are saying, can you speak English? or do you even know how to spell WEB PAGE?….totally useless service) to placing the service call, having a human answer the phone that can speak and understand English without a “out on the edge” accent and expeditiously remediate the problem! One that is with you the entire way. In my opinion PWD/NTWD provides the highest level.I have been with NTWD for about 5 years with several Web Sites and numerous email accounts and yes I did have a glitsh, well more it was a change of server. I was on the phone with them and the problem was resolved, just like that! It wasn’t really a problem but a change in configuration, even better.The next most important thing is quality. NTWD provides top quality work. Basically anyone can build a web page or host data or email. Mike at NTWD delivers the best that is possible, always there and only a phone call away….if you happen to need help. SECURITY????? That is a big concern and should be of everyone! I am totally concerned about security but not with my NTWD services. I know they are covered, Mike keeps up with technology.I have a choice and so do you. You want to have a strong and SAFE site and service? Do not go any further, simply go to NTWD. As an overall package (design and service), there is none better.Dang I forgot to mention money, fees, skins, bucks, green backs, dough, bread….etc. You want a strong quality product (and service) for a very reasonable price……. The work is done for you. Go to NTWD. Don’t go anywhere else. If you already have, get your tail to NTWD as soon as you can.

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