WordPress as a robust eCommerce Platform

WordPress as a robust eCommerce Platform

Over the past few years, North Texas Web Design has evolved just as the world of web design has evolved. Today, we specialize in WordPress websites – and especially eCommerce websites using WordPress. We believe more and more online store owners should consider WordPress for their eCommerce store.

WordPress as a robust eCommerce PlatformThis article focuses specifically on why WordPress is an ideal platform for eCommerce websites and online stores.

First, let’s take a look at some very impressive statistics:

  1. There are over 60 million installations of WordPress.
  2. Over 25% of all websites, in the top million sites by traffic, are powered by WordPress.
  3. More than 58% of all websites that use a Content Management System, or CMS, in the top million sites by traffic, are powered by WordPress.
  4. WordPress is completely free and open source.
  5. WordPress easily integrates themes and plugins to customize the appearance on the frontend and functionality on the backend.
  6. WordPress is constantly updated to present better functionality and security.
  7. Most web hosting providers support a single-click installation of WordPress.

Sixty million websites cannot be wrong, right? All kidding aside, with an abundance of plugins as well as premium developed themes, WordPress offers a very robust eCommerce platform.

Why WordPress Is a Good eCommerce Platform

In addition to the benefits listed above, here are some strong points in favor of WordPress as a platform for ecommerce.

An unbelievably large number of themes – and some incredibly impressive premium themes, are available for WordPress. Not all of these themes necessarily support eCommerce, but that still leaves plenty of very good and very professional themes to pick from.

WordPress themes are editable and this open source approach allows you to modify them to your heart’s content.

By the way, two of our favorite themes are Cardinal and Atelier – two premium WordPress templates that have robust eCommerce features built in!

When someone says that there is a WordPress plugin for just about any feature or application you need, they are not exaggerating. Given its widespread appeal, there is an abundance of plugins available – most of them are free, but even the plugins that are not free are very inexpensive.

Note: the word “plugin” is just part of the jargon associated with WordPress. These plugins are indistinguishable from “apps” that other eCommerce platforms refer to – for instance Shopify apps..

In Summary
The fact is that WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform should not detract from how WordPress has evolved. Developers have worked hard to evolve WordPress to the most popular CMS in the world today – and WordPress is more than capable of providing very professional and adaptable eCommerce platform for almost any online store.

We admire WordPress for the rapid strides it has made in recent years. We at North Texas Web Design have no doubt that it will only get better as an eCommerce platform as well. So if you’re considering an online store, we strongly suggest you consider using WordPress – and of course North Texas Web Design to build it for you.

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