WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance Features

WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance Features

If your company has turned to WordPress to host its website, then you should strongly consider the WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance package.

WordPress Website Monthly Maintenance FeaturesThese packages are designed to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that should anything potentially harmful or disruptive take place, it will be rectified immediately. With a good monthly maintenance package you can add pages, install plug-ins, enhance existing features, and overall ensure that your website functions at peak capacity.

How your website is maintained has a direct impact on the success of the site and only with a top notch monthly maintenance program can your site achieve its complete potential.

Why choose a monthly maintenance package?

The answer is simple. You can enjoy the help of WordPress experts without having to be one yourself. You can enjoy regular ‘health checks’ that will catch issues with your site immediately.

There are many support options and understanding the maintenance features you can enjoy is critical to selecting the appropriate support package.

Features of a maintenance package

Some key features include the creation of images on transparent backgrounds or images with rounded corners to help you optimize your existing photos. We can help change the text you have an on existing web page, enhance your existing site with a new page, or add a functionality to your site. Other special features include regular maintenance for photo galleries, calculators, and plug-ins.

Your WordPress website can be enhanced with a monthly support option that includes a customized number of support hours that can focus on updating your graphics, updating text, updating code, updating WordPress Themes and plugs-ins, and fixing minor bug issues. You can add to that consultations with a team of professionals in tandem with features such as website uptime and performance monitoring. Your business will no longer suffer from minor issues, as monthly maintenance packages can offer in-house staff training so that your company knows how the functionality of your site works.

If you need it, application support can be made available which performs version upgrades, plug-in installations, customizations, enhancements, modifications, the development of new features, as well as integrations with third party services and third party systems.

With so many features at your disposal, it is best to speak with a representative to determine what features your company needs most and what monthly package best suits your business and marketing plan. For more information on monthly WordPress maintenance features, contact North Texas Website Design at 214-534-6830.