Hottest Web Design Trends of 2013
August 19, 2013 Mike McLeland

Hottest Web Design Trends of 2013

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The latest trends in web design reflect the ever-changing online world. As the world around us changes, the internet changes in order to meet the ever changing demand by users. In large part, this is due to the explosion of smart devices people are using – devices that challenge traditional web designs. People always want something new, fresh, crisp and clean when it comes to web designs. With clients throughout the greater DFW area including Carrollton, we’re seeing these new web design trends are making their way into numerous new projects.

Following are some of the hottest trends in web design for 2013.

Carrollton Web Design - Hottest Web Design TrendsResponsive Web Design

With the influx of new and innovative mobile devices, we’re seeing a significant rise in responsive web designs. Responsive web design allows users to better read and experience the web from their laptop or desktop, as well as their smart tablet and smart phone. Responsive web templates are designed to look great on a variety of different screen sizes, so anyone can view your site in a crisp and clear manner where ever they go.

Flat Design

A website with flat design lacks gradients, but incorporates solid colors, white space, and crisp typography. Windows 8 displays a completely crisp and flat design, but they aren’t alone.  Twitter, Lorenzo Verzini, January Creative, and Fitbit all utilize flat design.


The Parallax web design trend has grown in popularity because it creates an illusion of depth (or a faux-3D effect) as you scroll through the webpage. Various images on the site will move at different speeds or change in size or at dimension to the site. Sites like Piffle and Bagigia incorporate Parallax elements that are really cool and unique.

Full-Screen Photo Launch Pages

If you want to convey a powerful message on your site, utilize a full-screen photo launch page. Your viewers will be immediately transported into another world of your creation. Sites like Spotify, Square, and Path all have full-screen photo landing pages, not only to provide their users with an emotional experience, but also to convey the main message of their product.

Advanced Page Scrolling and Navigation

The navigation panels we have seen on certain apps are now being integrated into websites, because of their interactive nature. More and more websites are offering these enhanced scrolling and navigation panels to help users navigate websites in a fun and effective way.

Working with clients in and around Carrollton, web design has taught us a lot about emerging trends and developments. Do you have anything add to the list? Feel free to leave your comments here!