Custom Database Application – Event Management System
January 28, 2021 Mike McLeland

Custom Database Application – Event Management System

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Custom Database Application – Custom Event Management System

Whether a corporate event is a small group of employees or a major trade show, the host company can benefit greatly from using the right software to manage and maintain their event. Holding a successful event relies on many factors, including notifying attendees of the time and location, proper set-up of the physical and virtual locations, and coordination with external vendors – such as security and caterers. One tool which can lower the time and costs associated with events is event management software.

North Texas Web Design can use a company’s data to create a custom event management system that will lower the time, costs, and frustration involved with hosting any type of event.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Event Management System

The first questions clients should ask themselves is what services they need for their event. Whereas most event management systems will not address every single event need, a comprehensive and ranked list of needs and wants – such as ticketing systems and online brochures – can reduce time, costs, and feature-creep when the software design begins. The nature of the events – whether they are in-person, on-line, or a hybrid combination – also influences the functionality that the event management system will require to meet the clients’ needs. Event management systems with supplementary mobile apps – for both staff and attendees – can greatly increase an event’s access and efficiency. Finally, the ability to view or receive a free demonstration or trial can help clients determine whether an event management system is a good fit for them, their companies, and their events.

Benefits of a Custom Event Management System

Custom-built event management systems are a good option for companies with unique considerations or factors that off-the-shelf software does not cover with their core functionalities. Custom-built event management systems also provide a higher degree of flexibility and customization, as opposed to off-the-shelf software which relies on the vendor to sell additional functionality.

Companies that use custom-built event management systems do not need to concern themselves with purchasing additional software licenses to distribute the software or supplementary apps to additional staff and attendees.

Let North Texas Web Design Create Your Event Management System

North Texas Web Design provides a variety of digital ad and custom web based services – including creation of custom database applications. For clients without databases, we can convert existing spreadsheets into databases or create new SQL databases from scratch. We have extensive experience creating a variety of database apps, including event management, billing, and customer relations. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, emailing us at [email protected], or calling us at 214-534-6830.

North Texas Web Design is a full service, one-stop shop digital web design firm. We specialize in customized websites, including true custom database applications – applications designed to your specific requirements. No longer must you accept off-the-shelf applications that achieve only some of your requirements – or must you subscribe to very expensive recurring services.

Call North Texas Web Design for more information about a Custom Event Management App.

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