Requirements Gathering for New Magento eCommerce Projects

Requirements Gathering for New Magento eCommerce Projects
April 25, 2019 Mike McLeland

Requirements Gathering for New Magento eCommerce Projects

New Magento eCommerce Projects

When taking on a new Magento project, it is important you have all of the proper requirements set up before getting started. That way, as you go through the process, you are able to look at the information you need and keep going.

It is important that you know what information to have handy. Here are some of the most important types of requirements to have on-hand when you start your new project.

Functionality Requirements

When it comes to how your Magento website functions, you have several decisions to make. How many products will there be, and will you allow for product reviews?

What about testimonials, do you want them on the website, and if so, where? You need to make choices about if you are going to have a product tour so your customers can see how a product works before they buy it, or not. Plus, you need to consider how to keep people in a position to buy. One thing that may help is adding free shipping or a shipping calculator. That way, your buyers know what to expect during the purchase process.

Requirements for the Business

When it comes to the requirements you need to get the business off the ground, you need to decide on many different aspects of the website. What type of pricing rules do you want incorporated? Are there special circumstances where free shipping is offered, or specific items that do not qualify? What type of legal requirements do you have to start any type of business?

Many different areas have different requirements for a business, including licensing and banking requirements. These need to be decided upon before the project can begin.

Specific Technical Requirements to Know

There are many tech requirements you need to know before you can begin your eCommerce project. Consider things like standard operating procedures, policies on how each procedure of the website will work, and how all of the information on the website will be stored. Then, you also need to go into the more flexible requirements, such as how many pages the website will be and what type of actions your website will and will not allow.

If you are not sure you want to gather all of these requirements, or know how to gather this information, it is very important that you seek out the right help. Turn to the experienced professionals here at North Texas Web Design, and let us help you get your new project off the ground. We can help!

If you’re looking for a new eCommerce platform to replace your outdated store – or if you are a new business wanting a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform so you can compete in your market – you should strongly consider Magento. We at North Texas Web Design have local, in-house Magento experts (not outsourced overseas) and are ready to help you with any Magento questions you may have.

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    By Pamela Hackley of H1 Construction

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    By Becky Hary of Speech and OT

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    Armando Cobo

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